Singapore Management University case study: "The Birth of Dunia (B): Time to actively start lending"

November 2013

Singapore Management University (SMU) selected dunia to write a case on the Credit Risk Management framework. This case study is a follow-up to the previous one (click here to read), also written by SMU, which detailed how dunia was setup by Rajeev Kakar, dunia Managing Director & CEO, along with a team of handpicked specialists from around the globe.

The new case study, titled, ‘The Birth of Dunia (B): Time to Actively Start Lending?’ covers the initial few months of dunia post its launching of business in the UAE, with Raman Krishnan, dunia’s Chief Risk Officer at the time as the main protagonist in the case. It looks into the initial approach and strategy that the company used to lend in the UAE, at a time when job loss rates were high and markets were damp.

This case has been released and is available on The Case Centre website at the link below:


Click here to view an inspection of the case study.