Singapore Management University case study on "The birth of dunia"

April 2012

Singapore Management University (SMU) selected dunia to write a case study detailing a compelling launch of a business in the midst of a global crisis. The recently published case study gives students a chance to learn from the examples of successful entrepreneurship and operational excellence chronicled in the study.

Professors from SMU met with Rajeev Kakar, dunia Executive Director & CEO, and the dunia team members, and have written a business case study on dunia, which will be taught as part of the university’s Business and Economics Schools’ curricula They will finally be writing two cases - the first on the "The Birth of dunia" which show cases how an entrepreneur sets up a new franchise; and the second on "Business in the Midst of a Crisis".

The first case has now been officially released and has been published also at the European Case Clearing House, so any University/College can access the case and use it for academic/training purposes. The case study makes interesting reading, and chronicles our dunia journey and immortalizes what the team went through as part of this entrepreneurial journey. It uses actual names, and that makes it particularly impactful, real and humbling.

As the founders of this enterprise, we feel specially honored.

Click here to view on SMU website.

Click here to view an inspection of the case study.

Click on the links below to view a short video with Rajeev Kakar, dunia Executive Director & CEO, as an appendage to the dunia case study. This provides further flavor of the challenges we faced in the launch and in running the business, and also how we overcame them.

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