How to safeguard your account against cyber risks – Vishing/Phishing attacks

If you receive a phone call from a person claiming to be a dunia representative and you are asked to provide confidential information regarding your dunia account, it may be a Vishing attack!

How do you know you are under a Vishing/Phishing attack?

When a person calls you (Vishing) or sends you an email/SMS (Phishing) claiming to represent dunia and asks you to provide confidential personal or financial information with the purpose of making fraudulent transactions on your behalf.

What confidential information does a fraudster want from you?

Examples of confidential information that a fraudster may want include your credit card number, CVV mentioned at the back of the credit card, ATM PIN, One Time Password (OTP) and online account/mobile app passwords.

To safeguard your account against Vishing/Phishing:

  • Remember that your dunia representative will never ask you to provide confidential information over the phone or through email, SMS and Whatsapp and dunia will never provide services through any mobile app other than the dunia mobile app and will never ask you to carry out a test transaction.
  • Do not provide confidential information even if the recorded message on the phone or the caller ask you to dial a specific number to update your confidential information.
  • Do not assume that the caller is genuine just because they know your name, phone number or other personal information.
  • Ensure that you report any such suspicious calls or request for information by calling our 24-hour dunia Contact Center at +971-4 42 dunia (38642) or email us at