Pay conveniently through UAE Direct Debit System

The Central Bank of UAE has implemented the UAE Direct Debit System (UAEDDS) with effect from October 5th, 2013 for personal loans and auto loans.

UAE Direct Debit System is a safe and convenient method of making regular automated payments with fixed or variable amounts, such as loan repayments, credit card payments and payments towards utility bills.

From October 5th, 2013, all personal loans and auto loans will use the UAE Direct Debit System as a payment tool.


Easy and secure way for making payments…

Hassle free: with UAEDDS, you no longer need to memorize your payment dates since the money will be automatically debited from your account. You need to only ensure that you have sufficient balance in your account to cover the payment.

Straightforward: Through a one time secure setup, you can easily handle your monthly recurring payments

Convenient: You no longer need to submit Post Dated Cheques for your loan repayments. All you now need is to setup a Direct Debit Authority

Time saver: through UAEDDS, there is no need to queue up at payment offices, banks or exchange houses.


For more information download the UAEDDS FAQs from here.

You can also find more information on The Central Bank of UAE website here.