Kawader dunia

We offer you, as a UAE National, a range of training, leadership and development programs that will help you grow in your career. Under our ‘Kawader dunia’ program, we help you advance your career through the use of best educational tools, training programs and development schemes. 

Kawader dunia’ provides a wonderful opportunity for you to learn and grow professionally under the wings of a leading financial services provider that has a clear commitment to developing the UAE’s talent into pillars of its community and workforce. 

To more about what you will gain from the program, select a category below:

Undergraduate part-time program (Al Waaed)

Al Waaed’ program offers you an exciting and flexible work experience with dunia, where you will work in several functions while you continue your studies. Our aim is to enrich you, the new generation, with knowledge and empower you by equipping you with opportunities to enter the corporate world at an earlier stage of life. 

Upon joining dunia, you will go through a two-week blended learning program that will include:

  • Building a financial services brand
  • Marketing of financial services
  • Campus to Corporate
  • Corporate governance - AML, Internal controls
  • Credit and risk management in a dynamic environment
  • Working in diverse teams

Graduate leadership program (Al Tamouh)

Al Tamouh’ program underlines the use of modern educational tools. Our goal is to develop high-potential, well-trained UAE nationals, such as yourself, who will grow to become future senior leaders. You will start with a three-month management certification program run by dunia in collaboration with the prestigious universities. 

The program focuses on several key elements which will help you grow in the world of financial services. In ‘Al Tamouh’ program, you will undergo:

  • Courses on management subjects
  • Lectures by dunia’s business leaders who will share their vision, experiences and achievements
  • Firsthand experience of working in banking functions
  • Team challenges
  • Business plan design and presentations

Qualified professional program (Al Nukhba)

Al Nukhba’ is a dynamic career growth program for experienced professionals like you, to advance you to the top in your area of expertise. As part of dunia’s High Potential program, you will be enrolled into leadership programs, and external business school diplomas and courses.