dunia 'Chip and PIN' enabled Credit Cards

What is Chip and PIN?

Chip and PIN is a smart card payment system that provides an extra level of security for your Credit Card. This means you will be required to enter your PIN in order to complete your transactions with merchants, giving you increased security when making retail transactions.

Why is creating a PIN important?

With Chip and PIN enabled Credit Cards, you will need to create a PIN which will be required to make a retail purchase using your Credit Card. The PIN you create will be your unique 6-digit secret number that is only known to you. This added security feature will reduce the chances of fraud on your Credit Card. Your PIN should be kept safe at all times and should not be shared with anyone.

Once you receive your new dunia Chip and PIN Credit Card you must activate it by calling the dunia 24-hour Contact Center at +9714 42-dunia (38642)

Making purchases with your dunia Chip and PIN Credit Card

While making purchases with the dunia Chip and PIN Credit Card, you will be required by the merchant to enter your 6 digit PIN

You will not be required to sign a transaction slip.

What if the shop does not have a Chip and PIN device?

Some retailers still do not have the new Chip and PIN devices. When this happens, your card’s magnetic stripe will be swiped and you will be asked for your signature.  However, more and more merchants will soon have Point of Sale terminals that allow your credit card to be inserted into the device to read the information on the chip located on the front of your card.

What happens if I enter the wrong PIN?

If you enter the wrong PIN, your transaction will be declined.  If the wrong PIN is entered 3 times or more, you will exceed your retry attempts and you will have to generate a new PIN by calling our 24-hour Contact Center at +971 4 42-dunia(38642) to be able to use your credit card.