Dunia Young Business Leaders Program

Dunia Young Business Leaders Program is a unique 3 week program developed for students who yearn to gain an early insight into what it takes to be a leader in the business world.


Prepare your son or daughter for an exciting career!

Help them grow into successful entrepreneurs & business leaders with the Dunia Young Business Leaders Program.

About Dunia Young Business Leaders Program

This intensive summer internship program provides a select group of students the opportunity to enhance their leadership, strategy, team work, communication, execution and conceptual skills. The participants engage with business leaders, entrepreneurs, industry leaders, investors, innovators, consultants and other practitioners to learn from their real world experiences. The program aims to inspire young minds in their formative years, to help them discover the leader within.

The Dunia Young Business Leaders Program has been recognized by the Mohammed Bin Rashid Global Center for Endowment Consultancy (MBRGCEC) and dunia has received the Dubai Endowment Sign from the MBRGCEC one of the key initiatives under the Mohammed Bin Rashid Global Initiatives, in recognition of dunia’s contribution to the community as a model for private sector enterprises.

Program Overview

Through this 3 week simulation of learning to setup a new business, students will achieve an in-depth understanding of how to:

  • Identify new opportunities & come up with a viable business idea
  • Develop the business plan
  • Visualize the path to progress
  • Define target customer segments & the unique value proposition for each segment
  • Identify resource needs and allocation
  • Understand constraints
  • Understand financial metrics
  • Develop business & financial plans
  • Identify product/service needs and solutions
  • Create a well-rounded marketing & communication plan
  • Identify technology needs to sustain the business & deliver a superior customer experience
  • Recruit the right talent
  • Scale up the business
  • Ensure sustainability through ethical practices
  • Identify & manage business risks through Audit
  • Give back to the community through community service initiatives
  • Build confidence in their abilities
  • Be inspired to act to make a difference

Program Schedule

The program is structured into 3 weeks as detailed below with a series of sessions that blends case studies, workshops, roundtable discussions with industry experts and sessions with real life entrepreneurs.

Week 1
  • Business Concept
  • Developing the business plan
  • Defining target customers & unique value proposition
  • Creating & validating the business financial plan
  • Using analytics to drive customer behaviour
Week 2
  • How to develop attractive products for your target customers
  • Developing effective marketing & communication plan
  • Using social media effectively
  • Sales strategy
  • Using technology to power your business
Week 3
  • Hiring the right people
  • Launching the business
  • Expanding your business
  • Identifying and managing your business risks through an effective Audit process
  • Giving back to the community

The program uses a mix of interesting learning methods-classroom, skill-based and aptitude development training, role plays, case studies, meetings with inspiring business leaders and entrepreneurs, exposure to impact investing, field trips, special projects, group assignments, preparing & delivering presentations, exposure to learning to doing good while being in business through simple CSR activities, and understanding social innovation, creativity, ethical business practices, and sustainable growth practices.

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Application Process


  • High school students entering Grade 11 or 12 
  • University students entering 1st or 2nd year

Complete the application form Click here to download

The following documents are required along with the application form:

  • Completed Application Form
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Copy of your valid passport with residence visa (for expatriates)
  • Copy of your valid passport or Khulasat Khaid (for UAE nationals)
  • Copy of your valid medical insurance card
  • Full academic transcript from your current school/ university
  • Most recent test scores on SAT, SAT subject tests, PSAT, ACT, TOEFL, CEPA, AP, etc. (whichever have been completed)
  • Responses to essay questions enclosed in the application form
  • Minimum three letters of recommendation from school or university as per specified format in the application form
  • Special Honors/Affiliations/Certificates/Merit Awards

Please complete all sections of the application form and email a scanned copy of the form to summer@dunia.ae. Shortlisted students will be interviewed as part of the selection process. Students finally selected will be notified.

Students' Experience

Hassan Bello
University of Wollongong Student

"I feel very lucky to have attended and be a graduate of the Dunia Young Business Leaders Program. The people I have met, the words that I have heard, the positive difference that has been made to my life over the course of the program is quite immeasurable."

Neamah Hussein
Princeton University Student

"As someone who constantly has ideas but who has no idea how to execute them, this course was really interesting. After the first week I realized this was what I wanted to do."

Henry Grenville
Heriot Watt University Student

"It sounded like a great and productive way to spend three weeks of summer. I wanted a program that was focused and will help me develop and enhance my leadership skills further.The program was inspiring and interactive. We got the opportunity to meet entrepreneurs and get hands-on experience in real-life situations."

Zeinab Shafei
Hayah International Academy

“After each speaker told us about it means to be a leader, I realize now that I’ve been a leader all along. I just needed to discover the leader within me through the Dunia Young Business Leaders Program. For many of us, the challenge was speaking to an audience, voicing their opinions, and learning to work in a team. The program helped us overcome these obstacles.

Zohayr Khan
American School of Dubai Student

"This leadership training program provided us a wonderful opportunity to learn and go through a first-hand practical life experience just in three weeks. It is a good initiative and this will help me achieve my ambitions to become an investment banker in future."

Patrick Wee
New York University

“If you feel that you may want to become an entrepreneur some day, join the Dunia Young Business Leaders Program. Through the sessions with guest speakers, interactions with dunia’s management and the program’s fun activities, you will see what it takes to be a Young Business Leader. Plus, you’ll even gain a few Young Business Leader friends along the way!"

Program trainers from leading companies

  • Astro Labs, Louis Lebbos – Founding Partner

  • Bain & Company, Jean-Marie Pean – Chairman, Middle East

  • Bell Pottinger, Nicola Hooper - Partner

  • Bell Pottinger, Sam Turvey - Partner

  • BIPB Middle East, Philippe Perret - Director

  • Careem, Magnus Olsson – Co-Founder

  • Dentsu Aegis Media MENA, Michael Nederlof - CEO

  • Dentsu Aegis Media MENA, Sanjay Nair - Head of Insights

  • Du, Osman Sultan - CEO

  • Dunia Finance, Ali Hurbas - Strategic Analytics Unit Head

  • Dunia Finance, Ben Schuurman – Chief Information Officer

  • Embassy of the Republic of Singapore, H.E. Umej Bhatia - Ambassador of the Republic of Singapore to the UAE

  • Emerging Circles, Ali Asghar - CEO

  • Emerging Markets Leadership Center, Dr. Tommy Weir - International Author

  • Expo 2020, Ayesha Shahin - Manager, Youth Engagement

  • Expo 2020, Khalid Sharaf - Manager, Engagement Department

  • Freight Systems, David Phillips - Chief Executive Officer

  • Gulf News, Francis Matthew – Editor at Large

  • Hug Digital, Tim Baker - Managing Director & Co-founder

  • Indian Consulate in Dubai, H.E Sanjay Verma - Consul General of India

  • Innergize, R Shanker - Knowledge Enabler

  • Knowledge & Human Development Authority (KHDA), Hind Al Mulla - Chief of Engagement

  • Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), Stephanie Price-Whittle - Director of Creativity, Happiness & Innovation

  • Landor, Bengt Eriksson – Managing Director

  • Landor, Shaun Loftman – Creative Director

  • MBC Group, Samar Akrouk – Group Director of Production

  • McKinsey & Co., Raman Thiagarajan - Partner

  • Memac Ogilvy, Atul Shenoy – Client Services Director

  • Memac Ogilvy, Evan Kearny – Regional Head of Strategic Planning

  • Memac Ogilvy, Vaquas Alvi - Regional Director Gulf, Levant & North Africa

  • Mohammed Bin Rashid Global Centre Endowment Consultancy (MBRGCEC), Ghaith Hassan Abdulrahman - Consultant

  • Nasser Saidi & Associates, Dr. Nasser Saidi - President

  • Power League Gaming, John Lacey - Managing Director & Co-founder

  • PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), Ashruff Jamal - Partner

  • Sharaf Group, Sacha Plumbridge - Head of Design

  • SP Jain School of Global Management, Professor Christopher Abraham-Head - Dubai Campus & Senior Vice President

  • Sports360, Michael Chalhoub – Founder & CEO

  • Stanton Chase, Prakash Menon - Partner

  • TECOM Investments, Leigh Ann Jones-Khosla - Director of Business Development, Education Cluster

  • TECOM Investments, Russell Sy - Group Managing Director, Strategy, Marketing & Development

  • The Online Project, Zafer Younis - Co-Founder & CEO

  • Turnaround.ae, Dave Bradley - Director

  • Turnaround.ae, Evan Barker - Consultant

  • Turnaround.ae, Rob Day - Director

  • Xische.Com, Danish Farhan - Founder & CEO

What the press had to say...


Dunia Young Leaders Program is a three (3) week program. Candidates applying for this program will be required to go through a selection process. Completion of this application does not guarantee selection, which will be at the sole discretion of dunia. If a candidate is selected to attend the program, the candidate will be required to attend all the sessions during the complete duration of the program. Selected candidates who fail to attend the program or do not attend all sessions of the program will not be awarded a completion certificate. This certificate is a certificate of participation, and not a degree or an accredited program. Each candidate must provide a valid passport or Khulasat Khaid (for UAE Nationals), valid residence visa (for expatriates). Candidates must also have a valid medical insurance coverage under an insurance provider with coverage in the UAE. UAE nationals must have a valid health card issued by the Department of Health and Medical Services. Selected candidates must provide copies of the above mentioned documents and any other documentation and release forms, as dunia may specify from time to time, prior to the commencement of the program. Selected candidates who fail to provide any of the above mentioned documentation prior to the commencement of the program will not be allowed to participate in the program. Candidates under the age of 21 years must get the application and all other forms signed from their lawful guardian. Each candidate must verify beforehand that the program is suitable for his/her requirements and ensure the necessary level of competence required to achieve the objectives of this program. Copyrights in the entire program content vest with dunia. No part of the training material may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopy, recording, or otherwise without prior written permission of dunia. All decisions will be made at the sole discretion of dunia and dunia reserves the right to modify, cancel, change or alter the program, its contents, duration, dates, speakers, etc. at any time, without prior notice or any obligation on its part and it is sole discretion. However, in case unforeseen circumstances require us to cancel the program, selected candidates will be sent a prior intimation.


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