dunia Family

We are passionate about what we do. We are a diverse team that represents 32 different nationalities and numerous ethnicities. We speak a multitude of languages. We come from various backgrounds and geographies. We bring to the table a range of skills and expertise that were honed across the globe in various functional areas. 

What ties us together is our passion and the singular desire to empower people, enable businesses to succeed and enrich lives.

Every member of the dunia family has learning and growth opportunities… 

  • Gain exposure to global best practices 
  • Work in a fast-paced, dynamic environment 
  • Enjoy entrepreneurial enthusiasm 
  • Be valued and recognized for your contribution 
  • Have a career path for growth 
  • And... have fun!

Our people take pride in what they do. They thrive in going the extra mile for the customer. It is this dedication to customer service across all functions in dunia that allows us to stand firm in our customer centric approach and deliver consistently. 

Join the winning team of handpicked professionals, experts, planners and specialists, who all have come together to form the building blocks of dunia.


Employee Development

We recognize that employees join any work place with an objective of acquiring new skills, honing their existing capabilities, and growing in their chosen area of interest and expertise. 

The moment you join dunia, you are automatically enrolled into dunia Academy, which is our center of excellence for learning and development. In dunia Academy, we nurture your talents through engagement, structured learning, mentoring and giving you the opportunity to take ownership of your development. We help you design a curriculum which suits your needs and preference. Learning objectives are achieved through on-the-job, teamwork, online and classroom training and are supported by a dedicated Training & Development team. 

Your growth and movement will be guided by performance, job dimensions and seasoning.  



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