dunia Corporate Deposit

Now earn up to 6.50% p.a.!1

You work hard for your money, now it's time to make your money work for you. Get a great rate for a term that suits your business needs with dunia Corporate Deposit.

A dunia Corporate Deposit is an effective way to maximize the returns on your business savings. You can earn higher interest rates than an ordinary current account, and it's a simple and safe way to invest your money.

What's more...for a limited time period you can earn up to 6.50% p.a.!1

More benefits with dunia

  • Attractive rates for different tenors
  • Lock in longer periods at attractive interest rates
  • Wide range of flexible deposit periods from 1 month to 120 months
  • Maturity repayment options to suit your financial needs
  • Ability to access your funds in short notice
  • Get a loan against your deposit
  • Dedicated Relationship Manager for personalized service
  • Convenient access through our financial centers and 24-hour dunia Contact Center

What you need to get started

  • Copy of valid trade license
  • Copy of passport and valid residence visa and Emirates ID of owner and / or authorized signatories
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association (where applicable)
  • Power of attorney (where applicable)
  • Board resolution (where applicable)



All products and services are offered at the sole discretion of Dunia Finance LLC (‘dunia’). Terms and conditions (T&Cs) apply, copies of which are available at dunia offices or maybe viewed at www.dunia.ae/termsandconditions and www.dunia.ae/forms. dunia Corporate Deposits (‘Deposits’) are offered to non-individual entities and like all other financial products and services from dunia, approval and eligibility depend on dunia’s policy guidelines, Central Bank regulations and UAE laws. Deposits held by dunia are not guaranteed by any UAE or other government authority, or any of the shareholders or affiliates of dunia. All applicable interest rates on Deposits are subject to change without notice at the sole discretion of dunia and only prevailing rates on the Deposit booking date will apply. 1The interest rate of 6.50% per annum is applicable only for dunia Corporate AED Deposits held with dunia for a term of 2000 days. Interest is calculated as simple interest, using the applicable per annum interest rate, for the period the Deposit is held determined on an “Actual period in days held/365 days” basis, and the interest so earned is paid on maturity without any compounding. Deposits terminated prior to the maturity date will receive interest at 1% below the rate applicable for the period the Deposit is held, as per the interest rate chart prevailing and communicated on the commencement / booking of the Deposit, and the total interest earned, at such rate is calculated on the principal amount only for which the Deposit is held. This is a limited period offer that can be modified at the sole discretion of dunia. The offer is applicable only to new funds of value up to AED 5 million or equivalent in USD, placed with dunia and will not apply in case of rollovers or pre termination and rebooking of existing Deposits. Interest rates may vary based on the amount of Deposit. For applicable interest rates, please contact the dunia Contact Center at 04-42 dunia (38642) or email us at duniadeposits@dunia.ae. To view the schedule of applicable Fees and Charges, please visit www.dunia.ae/fees. The T&Cs and Interest, Fees & Charges may be modified at any time at the sole discretion of dunia with 60 days prior notice.