dunia Cares

At dunia, we have a big heart. We are passionate people who care about the world around us, and want to make a real difference to the lives and future of our customers.dunia is here to help improve lives, businesses grow, and communities prosper.

As the dunia family, we want to use our skills, knowledge and resources to actively get involved in initiatives which effectively uplift communities by empowering people, enabling success and enriching lives.


Vision and credo

To care and make a difference in the lives and future of our community.

Giving back to the community is at the core of dunia’s values and beliefs. We serve our community by respecting their traditions and enriching their lives through our work, spirit of volunteerism and resources. We are a responsible player and believe action is better than words.


Our Pledge

1 Heart

Our heart beats to help others. We care with sincerity.

2 Hands

We use our hands to make a difference.

3 Promises

To Enrich lives. To Empower people. To Enable success.

4 Objectives

To live out our credo. To be a responsible and involved corporate citizen. To enrich lives through people and our environment. To promote active participation in community initiatives.

5 ways to make it happen

Social enhancement. Wellness. Education. Environmental sustainability. Building partnerships