dunia Double Secure

Your dunia Credit Card now comes with double the protection for you and your family through our insurance service partners.
dunia Double Secure comes with multiple benefits that gives you peace of mind:

Total Coverage: 

Your total Credit Card outstanding is covered with dunia Double Secure.

Dual Coverage: 

In the unfortunate case of death, permanent total disability or critical illness dunia Double Secure not only covers your Credit Card outstanding but also provides your nominee with the equal amount.

Nominee* details:

  • Name of the Nominee
  • Relationship with the customer
  • Contact Number
  • Email ID
  • Date of Birth or click here to submit your nominee details.


*If we don’t receive the above from you, we will be nominating your spouse or eldest adult child (if married) or your surviving parent (if unmarried).

Job Loss Protection: 

dunia Double Secure covers up to 90% of your Credit Card outstanding in the unfortunate case of job loss. What’s more, your dunia Double Secure is instantly activated on your Credit Card and comes with a free look-up period of 60 days.
Please click here to enroll in this program.

Disclaimer :

dunia Double Secure is a unique product offered by Dunia Finance LLC (dunia) which provides the customer with a range of benefits conferring peace of mind with priority, access, relationship, and protection benefits. For all of the above services provided by dunia, dunia will make available to you, a relationship manager who will help fulfill your requests on priority on a best efforts basis. dunia is not liable for any delays or errors in processing your request and will on a best effort basis make available to you various channels such as financial centers, 24-hour Contact Center, Email, SMS, Mobile App and other online channels to communicate with dunia’s authorized representatives. For discounts, offers and benefits related to any dunia product or service, please refer to the specific terms and conditions and benefits of the product and service as available on https://www.dunia.ae to ensure that the discount, offer or benefit is applicable to the Product and/or service subscribed to by you. In addition to the above, dunia has entered into a strategic alliance with Union Insurance, a world class association to enhance this offering by providing you various additional offers and benefits. dunia may change provision of services through Union Insurance Company at its sole discretion. Dunia does not offer insurance advice nor does it guarantee claim reimbursements, underwriting, administration or issuance of insurance policies. dunia simply facilitates the provision of insurance products to its customers. Please note that protection benefits are subject to the exclusions, special terms and conditions and other provisions. Please click here for Union Insurance Company Terms & Conditions. In addition to the terms and conditions of Union Insurance, the dunia terms and conditions will also apply and these are subject to change without prior notice. Copies of these terms and conditions are available at the dunia offices and upon request, or alternatively may be viewed on this website. This information is for reference only and does not form part of a contract of insurance.