dunia Credit Shield

dunia understands you have many responsibilities, from managing work, to taking care of your family and finding time for your personal needs. dunia gives you the credit that you deserve for keeping up with all that life puts in front of you.

While you manage your responsibilities, dunia will make it easier for you in every little way by managing your accounts, helping you with your travel needs, making available the best offers for shopping, dining and wellness and shielding you against unforeseen circumstances…

To take care of your needs and help you stay ahead, we’re introducing dunia Credit Shield , a service that provides you with our Ring of Confidence, which package that comes with FIVE key benefits:

  1. priority benefits which give you the confidence to transact more conveniently
  2. access to privilege and lifestyle benefits
  3. relationship benefits providing special offers on dunia’s products and services
  4. peace of mind with dunia’s protection solutions
  5. value added benefits

Read more about each of these benefits below:


The dunia Credit Shield Priority Benefits

Enjoy 24x7 personalized assistance through:

  • Dedicated Relationship Managers at all Financial Centers
  • Priority processing of loans
  • Unlimited manned calls to dunia’s 24-hour Contact Center
  • Service request resolution on a priority through the dunia Mobile App, dunia Contact Centre, email, SMS and the dunia Financial Centers

The dunia Credit Shield Access Benefits

Access dunia’s exclusive digital platforms which enable you to transact, shop and take care of your business needs:

  • Free access to all dunia apps
  • Free access to duniaQwikBuy, duniaSME and duniaQwikConcierge
  • Unlimited card statements free of cost

The dunia Credit Shield Relationship Benefits

Avail attractive offers on a range of products and services such as personalized website creation, dining, travel, healthcare and money transfers:

  • Up to 50% discount on duniaQwik subscription
  • 50% discount on duniaSME website creation and hosting
  • Up to 70% discount at retail outlets, restaurants, entertainment centers, and health and wellness centers
  • Complimentary access at airport lounges

The dunia Credit Shield Protection Benefits

Protect yourself and your family against unforeseen circumstances through benefits from our reputed insurance service providers:

  • Benefits through MetLife where the primary card holder is insured against untimely death, permanent total disability, critical illness, or involuntary loss of employment

The dunia Credit Shield Value Added Benefits

Gain more on every transaction made on your dunia Credit Card and enjoy higher rewards:

  • Special cashback promotions
  • Free upgrade to dunia Titanium Credit Card or dunia Platinum Credit Card
  • Discount of AED 1,000 on upgrade to dunia Diamond Credit Card
  • Complimentary card loss replacement
  • Up to 4 Free supplementary cards for each primary card
  • Affordable subscription
  • The monthly subscription fee will be charged to your dunia Credit Card for your convenience
  • 30 day free-look period from the date of enrollment, in which you can cancel the subscription at any time

Disclaimer :

dunia Credit Shield is a unique product offered by Dunia Finance LLC (dunia) which provides the customer with a Ring of Confidence through a range of benefits conferring peace of mind with priority, access, relationship, and protection benefits. For all of the above services provided by dunia, dunia will make available to you, a relationship manager who will help fulfill your requests on priority on a best efforts basis. dunia is not liable for any delays or errors in processing your request and will on a best effort basis make available to you various channels such as financial centers, 24-hour Contact Center, Email, SMS, Mobile App and other online channels to communicate with dunia’s authorized representatives. For discounts, offers and benefits related to any dunia product or service, please refer to the specific terms and conditions and benefits of the product and service as available on www.dunia.ae to ensure that the discount, offer or benefit is applicable to the Product and/or service subscribed to by you. In addition to the above, dunia has entered into strategic alliances with world class associations such as MasterCard to enhance this offering by providing you various additional offers and benefits. Protection benefits under dunia Credit Shield are currently provided through reputed third party insurance providers namely MetLife. dunia may, from time to time, change the third party service providers of dunia Credit Shield at its sole discretion. dunia does not offer insurance advice nor does it guarantee claim reimbursements, underwrite, administer or issue insurance policies. dunia simply facilitates the provision of insurance products to its customers and processes payments of premium from the customer and forwards them to the insurer. Please note that protection benefits are subject to the exclusions, special terms and conditions and other provisions. Please click here for MetLife Terms & Conditions. In addition to the terms and conditions of the protection benefit providers, the dunia terms and conditions will also apply and these are subject to change without prior notice. Copies of these terms and conditions are available at the dunia offices and upon request, or alternatively may be viewed on this website. This information is for reference only and does not form part of a contract of insurance.