About dunia

dunia means ‘the world’ in many languages and we offer our customers a world that serves from the heart… where experience, knowledge and commitment create financial solutions that are relevant and effective. We speak more than 30 languages and we understand our customers’ needs and aspirations in all of them.

dunia is a financial institution that was created as a strategic partnership between Fullerton Financial Holdings (a wholly owned subsidiary of Temasek Holdings), Mubadala Development, Waha Capital and A.A. Al Moosa Enterprises . 

dunia has a unique customer-centric and segmented approach that aims to first understand customer needs and then offer relevant financial solutions. dunia offers a wide range of financial products and services ranging from loans, to credit cards, deposits for non-individual customers, and working capital facilities for small businesses.


Our vision

We care and make a difference in the lives and future of our customers.

At dunia, our customers are at the center of all that we do. Our commitment is realized by listening to and understanding customer needs. We design and deliver tailor-made financial solutions.


Our mission

We aspire to serve all our customers by delivering quality products and excellent service, therefore financially empowering our communities and partners, and creating long-term and sustainable shareholder value.

dunia is unique in its use of a customer-centric approach that aims to deliver a differentiated, yet relevant, unique value proposition that caters to the holistic product, convenience, experience, and service expectations of clients in the UAE. All this will be delivered sustainably and predictably to the customer, through processes and proposition supported by investment in state-of-the-art technology and capabilities, and partnerships with service providers who excel in their individual areas of expertise.

dunia Credo

"dunia" means "the world" in many languages. The lines of longitude and latitude of "the world" connects us, and at every point of meeting is someone who has a different experience of life but we all share one dream and aspiration – which is to enrich the lives of our people.

We believe in...

Customer commitment

We proactively reach out to our customers and build meaningful relationships which make a positive impact in their lives. Our commitment is realized through listening and understanding their needs, and in the design and delivery of quality products and services. We treat them fairly and with respect.

Striving for excellence

We have a passion to excel and strive for excellence in all that we do. We succeed when we have exceeded customer expectations. We encourage creativity and innovation and always "THINK BIG" to maximize our potential.

Value of our people

We have empathy, mutual respect, trust and unconditional support for each other. We recognize the leadership potential in every individual and provide opportunities to learn and grow. We are a result oriented team and work together to achieve our goals and "enable success".

Integrity and ethics

Integrity and ethics are the core of our value system and embedded in all that we do. We uphold dunia's reputation with pride, and conduct our business with all stakeholders, customers and regulators with the highest ethical standards and transparency. We are accountable for our actions.

Serving the community

We serve our community by respecting their traditions and enriching their lives through our work, spirit of volunteerism and resources. We are a responsible player and believe action is better than words.

Our Shareholders


Note: dunia is a finance company regulated by the Central bank of the UAE, incorporated and established in the UAE since 2008 and does not have any branches, affiliates, subsidiaries or representative offices anywhere else in the world.